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Hair removal by Laser in Ludhiana
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Name : Aastha Beauty Clinic
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Mobile No : 91-094171-99880,099880-94171, 094655-37004
Telephone No : +91-0161-5099880
Email :
Website :

Aastha Beauty clinic, Ludhiana. Hair Removal :-
In Asia, laser hair reduction is one of the most popular options for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Scores of women have taken advantage of laser hair reduction to acquire smooth, beautiful skin (Aastha’s alone has many satisfied customer). Its success lies in the fact that it offer the convenience of not having to bother about repeated hair removal. And that, besides the pain and tedium, it is far more economical than waxing.
How does laser hair technology work?

With the help of latest specially designed equipment where each light pulse comprise a sequence of rapid shorter pulses so that maximum energy can be delivered without any injury to the surrounding skin. Laser beam attacks the pigment in the hair and result in the heat generation at hair root. The heat (70C at hair root) Destroy hair follicle without effecting the skin. There is no further hair growth from destroyed hair root.

Is laser hair technology safe?
Are there any side-effects? Laser hair reduction is a completely safe and time-tested procedure (it has been used extensively the world over, for over a decade now). Optimal results are guaranteed if the correct technique and appropriate technology for the Indian skin-type are used. It has no side effect being permanent hair reduction.