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Mehli Mehta Music Foundation
Classes / Music Classes
Name : Mehli Mehta Music Foundation
Country : India
State : Maharashtra
City : Mumbai
Address : B/2, Banoo Mansions Cumballa Hill Road Mumbai 400 026
Mobile No : +91 2382 3644 +91 22 2380 1379
Email :
Website :

Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes western classical music through the presentation of high quality concerts and music education for children. The Foundation honours the late Mr. Mehli Mehta ( 1908 2002 ) , a conductor and violinist who lived in Bombay until 1954 before he emigrated to the UK and subsequently to the US, where he was conductor of the American Symphony for 33 glorious years. Between 1930 and 1954 he mentored a whole generation of aspiring musicians in Bombay and was the Founder of the Bombay String Quartet and the Bombay Symphony Orchestra.

The MMMFs mission is to create greater awareness and appreciation of western classical music, to share knowledge and understanding of this music, and make music education and the joy that comes with it, accessible to all. The MMMF is dedicated to initiating, assisting and implementing the process of opening its doors and the doors of the city of Mumbai to the music of the world. The Foundation is most appreciative and deeply indebted to Zubin Mehta for his personal involvement in all aspects of the Foundation.

The Foundation has also raised the public profile of western classical music through its presentation of some renowned international orchestras, soloists and ensembles in Mumbai, and its annual Chamber Music Festival Sangat.