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Name : Dr. Ved Prakash Wadhwa
Country : India
State : Delhi
City : Delhi
Address : A-112 , Brotherhood Apts
Mobile No : 9899090121
Email :
Website :

Dr. Ved Prakash who was conferred greatest astrologer of the world award
from a large international group of u.n.o. affiliate universities is available to like-minded enthusiasts for
free voluntary presentations in world countries of all continents.
I Ved Prakash, Ph. D. (Astrological Science) with 35 years experience will personally conduct presentations, for organized forums, conferences, seminars, institutes, universities, ashrams and philanthropic organizations.

Already i did about 100 such presentations in U S A and India, including about 27 on the same dais of international UNO Educational conferences and workshops.

a) To astrologically answer personal questions of the audiences giving broad time-attuned prospects to their cherished dreams, plans, projects, target lifetime goals with guidance for their specific life-time career.
b) To teach freely the important thumb rules of the predictive applied
c) I also answer about doubts on the efficacy of Para-sciences, spirituality,
hidden regime of the cosmos, Vedanta, and the relationship between modern sciences and these occult ancient Para-sciences.
d) The voluntary presentation proposal is on no-profit basis for disseminating of these important areas of our transcendental life for the benefit of masses.

Dr. Ved Prakash: Ph. D. (Astrological Science)
New Delhi. India.
Mail to:
Phone: 91-11-28546404. 45535416
Cell-phone: 9899090121. 9899090205.