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Easy way to earn money quickly in India
Name : Prerna Sachar
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : Ludhiana
Mobile No : +919780432860
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Product Price: 1500

Now your advertisement will not only help you in branding but it will give you passive income.


When you advertise in in trade directory or classified ad, you will generate an ID and password. Use this ID and Password to enter in your account. Now you can sponsor other advertisers and you will get the commissions on the ads of your sponsored advertisers. Here you will not only get the commission on your directly sponsored advertisers but you will get commissions up to 7 levels.

Marketing Plan

Cost of Ad Trade Directory or classified Ads Rs.1500/- (Including Service Tax). For one year and the ads to be renewed after one Year)

Step 1 Register yourself for free

Step 2 Advertise in trade directory or Classified ads and make payment online or through cheque or cash directly in the company account of Ad Bazzaar.

Step 3 Generate your User ID and Password.

Step 4 Upload your PAN Card and ID Proof. You can do it later on, but you have to clear this step to take the first pay cheque.

Step 5. Open your account and start sponsoring advertisers. You can sponsor as many advertisers as you can.

Income Plan

You will get commissions up to 7 levels.

Direct Rs. 300.00

2nd level Rs. 150.00

3rd level Rs.50.00

4th level Rs. 50.00

5th level Rs. 50.00

6th level Rs. 50.00

7th level Rs. 50.00

Can you imagine how lucrative idea this could be for you. Let me explain you. In this plan you can sponsor as many advertisers as you can, there is no leg system or carry forward of income. All the commissions will be clear monthly on the 15th of the next month.

Example to understand the income possibilities of this plan.

If you sponsor 2 advertisers and teach them to sponsor 2 each

See how the income comes to the first sponsor:

No of advertisers Level income Total income Level wise

First Level 2 300.00 600.00

Second Level 4 150.00 600.00

Third Level 8 50.00 400.00

Forth Level 16 50.00 800.00

Fifth Level 32 50.00 1600.00

Sixth Level 64 50.00 3200.00

Seventh Level 128 50.00 6400.00

Total 13600.00

If you start with 3 and teach others to sponsor three each

No of advertisers Level income Total income Level wise

First Level 3 300.00 900.00

Second Level 9 150.00 1350.00

Third Level 27 50.00 1350.00

Forth Level 81 50.00 4050.00

Fifth Level 243 50.00 12150.00

Sixth Level 729 50.00 36450.00

Seventh Level 2187 50.00 109350.00

Total 165600.00.00

If you start with 5 and teach others to sponsor five each

No of advertisers Level income Total income Level wise

First Level 5 300.00 1500.00

Second Level 25 150.00 3750.00

Third Level 125 50.00 6250.00

Forth Level 625 50.00 31250.00

Fifth Level 3125 50.00 156250.00

Sixth Level 15625 50.00 781250.00

Seventh Level 78125 50.00 39,06,250.00

Total 48,86,500.00.