Simple Way To Earn Money Online - Marketing Plan


(The Below written plan is to give the understanding of the income possiblities from this plan, it is not to lure any body and we do not guarantee that you will earn huge amounts from this plan. You can earn with your efforts and planning. LURING ANYBODY BY SHOWING CHEQUES AND ASSURING BIG INCOME IS ILLEGAL)

An innovative idea to make money online – is more than advertising online

Now your advertisement will not only help you in branding but it will give you a passive income.

We've created a new opportunity for our advertising clients and also for the persons who want to start their own business without investment - a home based business opportunity ! Now they can earn with as a reseller of our advertisements. To generate the business volume through home based business owners, we are using the multi level marketing business model.

We launched on 30thJan, 2013 with a vision to provide an online advertising portal for small businesses to display their goods and services for free and an option is given for premium listing at a very low price. We were selling the premium ads through dealers and our own marketing teams and the cost of bringing sale was very high.

I have an experience of 17 years in direct selling/Network  Marketing and seen that most people are struggling in direct selling business for being over burdened by the direct selling companies to sell products/personal targets to get commissions from the downlines and hence percentage of dropping people from the teams is very high. Some binary concept companies, whose plan look attractive but the matching cycle income is made so tough that it becomes difficult for the distributors to get pay checks.

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment so called social selling and I think this is the best way to become self employed without investment. It is a concept to make the users – a seller, so called dealers.

We have planned to sell our online advertisements through direct selling system. If you advertise with us in our premium directory and refer a customer and if the sale occur, you will get the commission and we have planned commissions up to 8 levels through a software.

There is no monthly sales target or any points to be matched to get commission, we have made the plan so simple that no sales made by any advertiser remain in waiting for any cycle completion or personal target not done. There will be annual renewal, that’s all. All payments to be cleared weekly.

About the Product - Our product is online advertisement.

It is the easiest and the most cost effective way to reach engaged consumers in a targeted way. Online advertizing is an organized way of advertizing.

Online advertising gives advertisers the ability to define who, where and how they want to reach their audience. This enables them to be more targeted in their online approach compared to other media and eliminates a percentage of wastage when it comes to marketing spend. 

You can target exactly who sees your advertisement resulting in a highly receptive audience.

You can communicate a larger amount of information about your business to your target audience online. Even a static banner advertisement with limited size specifications, have click-through capabilities which means your audience can click through to your website to find out more.

The cost of advertising online is cheaper than other media. In online advertising you are paying for the target viewers but in television, radio and the newspaper you are paying for the popularity of that media.

Internet is becoming the need of masses and hence internet audience is growing rapidly.

Interactivity of online advertising is offered by none  - TV or Print Media.

Internet removes the restriction of geography .

Why advertise in

It will not only help, promote your business but will help you build a source of second income.

You can become searchable in Google with the time and will bring the customers searching with the same keywords to your advertisement along with the benefit of the community of

We make our advertisers our dealers and pay them commissions if they refer and bring the sales up to 8 levels along with a few more incomes.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s)

Que. Where ads to be displayed?

Ans. Ads will be displayed in

Que. How old is your directory

Ans. was launched on 30thJan,2013.

Que. Why people will open to see the ads?

Ans. is an online business directory. It is searchable with the keywords of thousands of advertisers and is searchable with keywords “online advertising directory”, “trade directory in India” and many more. It has more than 1.5 lacusers posted ads in this directory and the plan we have launched to make our users as sellers to generate a source of second income – passive income will help us produce more users.

Que. Why pay for an ad when there are many free options?

Ans.  We also allow free ads but the premium ads remain on front in the lists and same is done by other directories. But for this plan we have made a special premium directory. Most sites allow free ads for a month and then deactivate the ad. We allow back link to your website. Our premium ad directory will have three pages (Home, About us and Contact us). The pages will get  automatically  generated through a form that you will fill while posting ad.

Que.  Can our ad be searchable in Google with key word of our choice?

Ans.  There is competition in Google for the keywords but still I want to tell you that the heading you will add to site will become the meta title of that page to make each ad a separate page like your own website. It is easier to become searchable through directories than own domain website because directories are bigger one and have millions of users.

Que.  Can I sell the ad to some other customer, if I am interested in the Multi level marketing part only?

Ans.  Yes you can and you can edit your ad anytime.

Que.  Do I have to sell ads every month to get pay check?

Ans.  No, Once you placed your premium ad, you become eligible to get the commissions of your downline advertiser team sponsored by you up to 8 levels. You are to renew your ad yearly.

Que.  Can I transfer my ID to any one?

Ans.  Yes, you can transfer your account / ID.

Que.  What is the price of Premium Ad in your site?

Ans.  The price of premium ad as on today (1.4.2019) is Rs 5000 + GST( 18% ) 900 = Rs.5900

Que.  Why do you think that your plan/product to generate passive income is better and market will accept it?


1.My product is better than food supplements for MLM marketers to understand and explain the customers.
2.Pricing of product is genuine.
3.Most companies are selling over priced products.
4.We don’t have monthly target of sales. You will get the commission of every sale that is done in your downline up to 8 levels.
5.Your pay-check will not wait for any matching of left-right and the points flushed if the personal target is not done. There is only annual renewal.
6.We will not hold any commission for any target or reason. Payments will be cleared weekly.
7.I personally have the experience of 17 years in network marketing as a networker. I think llike a networker and is of the opinion that every sale I do or my downlines do according to the levels of commissions allowed, I must get the commission.
                                               Business plan

When you advertise in the premium directory of , you will generate an ID and password. Use this ID and Password to enter in your account. Now you can sponsor other advertisers and you will get the commissions on the ads of your sponsored advertisers. Here you will not only get the commission on your directly sponsored advertisers but you will get commissions up to 8 levels.

Commission Plan

Cost of Ad – Premium directory ad Rs.5900/- (Including GST). For one year and the ads to be renewed after one Year)

Step 1  Register yourself for free and generate your username and password.

You can sponsor dealers and advertising customers after joining for free and earn the direct sale commission of INR 750

Step 2 Advertise in the premium directory and make payment online or through cheque or cash directly in the company account of Ad Bazzaar and become our advertising customer. Advertising customer is eligible to earn all the 8 levels of Stream income and the rewards.

Step 3 Upload your PAN Card and adhaarcard and fill your banking details and upload cancelled cheque. You can do it later on, but you have to clear this step to take the first pay cheque.

Step 5. Open your account and start sponsoring advertisers. You can sponsor as many advertisers as you can.

Income Plan

You will get commissions up to 8 levels.

Direct Sales Commission

Level 1 : Rs 750 

Stream Income - Team Commissions
Level 2 : Rs.450
Level 3:  Rs.150
Level 4:  Rs.150
Level 5:  Rs.150
Level 6:  Rs.150
Level 7:  Rs.150

Level 8:  Rs.150

Can you imagine how lucrative idea this could be for you. Let me explain you. In this plan you can sponsor as many advertisers as you can directly with you, there is no leg system or carry forward of income. All the commissions will be cleared weekly.


1. Offer Valid till 30th June, 2019

Join 5 Advertising Customers and Get cash incentive of INR 2500. You can earn in multiples.

2. Build a team of 155 advertising customers in your down in the sequence given below, you will get an international Tour to Bali in Indonesia.

Level 1    5
Level 2    25  (5X5)
Level 3    125 (25 X 5)

3. More Rewards to come on pushing your levels up.


Que. I joined free and sponsored 10 advertising Customers. My downline customers started sponsoring other down line customers but I am still dealer not an advertising customer. What will I get?

Ans. You will get INR 750 X 10 = INR 7500
         Reward amout of INR 2500 X 2 = INR 5000

The team commission levels will pass to your upline but team members will not pass up. When you qualify as advertising customer, you will start getting the team commissions

                                  Income possibilities chart

If you sponsor 2 and teach them to sponsor 2

 If you sponsor 3 and teach them to sponsor 3

If you sponsor 5 and teach them to sponsor 5

The above chart are made to show the income possibilities. It is not to lure anybody. You are to convert the possibilities to reality. This chart shows the possibilities of network marketing.

**Ad Bazzaar reserves the right to make any change any time.