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Ad Bazzaar policies are rules and guidelines that create a safe and fair retailing environment for all Ad Bazzaar members. To promote a safe retailing environment, Ad Bazzaar enforces these rules and policies. The only purpose to enforce the policies is that the customer who is paying, is 100% safe, get the best quality product and never lose money. We all are working on a concept that in Online shopping customer is buying directly from suppliers/manufacturers and shopping in their own comfort and the second one is to provide a safe market to the manufacturers or suppliers to deal directly with the customer and no wholesalers or middle men and involvement of big payments.

Ad Bazzaar Policies and Rules:

All members must read Privacy Policy & Cancellation And Returns on the website.

To develop a safe business Ad Bazzaar is dealing with 100% advance payment through secured payment gateway CCAvenue. We are not opting for cash on deliveries that we at Ad bazzaar feel this needs a check at every step.

To make the customer’s payment safe we follow the Rules of Secured Payment Gateway. Payment gateway transfer only those payments to Ad Bazzaar account whose dispatch details are being filled on their website. In case there is default in delivery and dispatch details, means details not filled within 12 days, the payment goes back to the account of the customer. Moreover the option of filling ‘detail of delivery’ appears on the website of Bank after 48 hours of order place. The payment gate way transfers the payments on every Fridays and the Ad bazzaar had fixed the transfer on Saturdays.

To make the 100% secure atmosphere for the customers Ad Bazzaar teams will make call to every customer and confirm the delivery and take feedback.

Pricing of Products : Internet is an open game for all. People can search and confirm the price of any product on other competitor websites and customer has the right to buy at best price. Ad Bazzaar expect from their vendors to be more vigilant while pricing their products. We have kept the posting of products free and are charging at very nominal rate from the vendors and that too on the sold items. There is no undue burden of paying rent, sales person’s salaries, facility expenses etc like in traditional retailing so we expect the vendors to be competitive and customer friendly in pricing.

Benefit to the good sellers : We will be watching the sales of our vendors and will give some benefits to the premium sellers in commissions etc. The benefits to be given is the sole discretion of the Ad Bazzaar ownership, not the outright right of any vendor.

Responsibility of Vendors: It is the responsibility of the vendors / online shop owners to update the information on the website. It is the responsibility of the vendors to keep the stock of the products posted on the website. We suggest to update all informations periodically.

Prohibited Items: You should examine the applicability of the policy under India Law and other countries with which you choose to conduct transaction(s) for sale/purchase of goods or provision/receipt of services.

Indian laws

Please see the following links containing information as currently available and applicable. Additional information in this regard can be availed from the respective statutory and government agencies.

The Reserve Bank of India [India’s central bank]

Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of commerce

Foreign Trade Policy

The Most Important: Every vendor should be aware of the fact that Ad Bazzaar, Guarantees the Customer’s 100% satisfaction of quality and safe delivery and their money is safe in the hands of Ad Bazzaar. The decision of any default on the part of vendor will go in favour of the customer and there will be no delay in returning the payment of the customer for any reason may be.

Ad Bazzaar Resposibilities: Ad Bazzaar will take care of the timely payments of all vendors and any type of software changes to help their business grow.

Ad Bazzaar reserves the right to modify, alter or change this policy at any time without notice or assigning any reasons for the same. Ad Bazzaar reserves the right to discard any product and ask the vendor to delete or make shanges.

Confirmation of Agreement: If the Vendor agrees to post the products means he/she agrees to the polices and Rules of Ad Bazzaar and is familiar with them.

About the commissions to be Charged by Ad Bazzaar: Yo can call the below written mobile numbers to negotiate the deal.

Annual maintenance charges: We charge Rs.3000/- annually in advance when you open your shop.

Commissions : In general we charge 10% Commission on sales and amount will be credited to the vendor's account after deducting 10% on MRP Price/Discounted price. E.g., MRP/Discounted price of of product is Rs. 500/- the amount paid to the vendor would be R.450/-

How to Operate: For the new vendor – Click the Link and post your first product. During the posting you will generate your User name and Password. Here you can upload one image of your product. Now go to login on upper right corner and put your user name and password.


A page will open with three buttons: SHOPPING     VIEW SHOPPING     SHOPPING ORDER

Shopping Button : From shopping button you can post as many products as you can.

View Shopping Button: You can view your listings, edit listings, add more images etc.

Shopping Orders Button: It will show you the orders paid or unpaid. You are to dispatch Paid orders. After dispatching click on the button shipped – A pop up window will appear and ask you to fill delivery details. You are to write the name of the courier and receipt no. This information will immediately appear in our admin panel.

Queries: For any query you can call at tel no- +91 8699021028, +91 8699433400

You can also send email: