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Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ludhiana
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Name : Dr. N.K. Aggarwal
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : 33-G, BRS Nagar Ludhiana, Punjab 141012
Mobile No : 9815014201
Email :
Website :

Dr N.K. Aggarwal Joint & Spine Centre,Ludhiana:
Total Knee Replacement surgery is a boon to people having chronic, disabling arthritis. The success rate for such an operation is very high and it is now possible to need a life very close to normal. There is no lead to live with pain and immobility any more. Option for joint replacement surgery is like acquiring a new lease of like. T.K.R. is usually preferred after the age of 50 years, where all measures of relieving pain have become unsuccessful.

In India, the facilities of T.K.R. surgery are available only in countable hospitals. The reasons why this successful and high tech option has eluded the patients of India are:

1. Lack of awareness in patients themselves.
2. Lack of free availability of trained Surgeons and ideal Operation Theater conditions.
3. High cost of surgical equipment and artificial joints (Finance Facility now Available).

The joint replacement surgery is going through the same initial phase as the open heart and by pass surgery had gone about a decade ago in India. As the heart operations have now become popular with the masses, the joint replacement surgery is bound is bound to follow soon.

The knee problems are found commonly in all sections and age groups of people, this is more so often in females after the age 50 years. About 15% of the populations is suffering from one or the other type of joint problem viz. arthritis. "Arthritis" is a general term describing the disease of any joint knee, hip etc. where the joint is damaged or destroyed by a disease or injury. The most common type of arthritis is called 'Osteoarthritis', which is degenerative in nature. It usually results from constant knees stress e.g. due to over weight. Heredity sometime also contributes. The second commonest type of arthritis is called 'Rheumatoid arthritis'. This disease usually affects multiple joint of the body like hand, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and feet. The cause of it is not well known. However, there is evidence to suggest that it is an 'autoimmune' disease, where some tissues in the body (under the influence of some triggering agent) produce chemicals which attack the lining (synovium) of the joint, irreparably.