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3d metal detector fusion okm
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Name : golden detector
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3d metal detector fusion okm
3D metal detector and ground scanner OKM Fusion 2019
The OKM Fusion is our redesigned and improved version of the Future 2019 metal detector. ...
The 3d ground scanner OKM Fusion supports treasure hunters, gold seekers, adventurers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places and other historical items. Based on our 20th Anniversary Edition Future 2019 the OKM Fusion comes in a rugged design, is more lightweight and now available in two different models: OKM Fusion Professional and OKM Fusion Professional Plus. Both models are sharing the following features: Bluetooth headphones Wireless data transfer Preconfigured Tablet-PC Data visualization with Visualizer 3D software New SRIS search coil for small shallow metal targets Well packed in a waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case Operating the OKM Fusion metal detector The Professional version is perfect for starters or small budgets whereas the Professional Plus version is ideal for advanced users that need more operating features. Fusion 3D metal detector Available exclusively at Golden Detector Group To inquire about prices, please contact the sales department
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