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Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd
Used Products / Laptop-Computer
Name : comdghhjgin
Country : India
State : Delhi
City : Delhi
Address : No.10,Heping Road,Zhouwangmiao Town
Mobile No : 13336640007
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Hangzhou Airflow Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd, located in Yiqiao town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou ,Zhejiang,China, is created by a group of like-minded industry veteran, As a China centrifugal fans manufacturers and centrifugal fans Factory, Our company products are widely used in heating, air conditioning ,refrigeration ,air purification, telecommunications, electric power and other industries.We have a very good R&D environment, strong technical force and professional manufacturing equipment, provide kinds of High quality wholesale centrifugal fans for you.AIRFLOW covering an existing plant area 10000 square meters of production and R&D center about 1000 square meters. Employees are about 100 people, including R&D staff about 40 people. Annual production capacity is about 600,000 units.