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Acting Classes in Chandigarh
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Name : Livya
Country : India
State : Chandigarh
City : Chandigarh
Address : SCO 364, 365, 366 4th floor, Sector 34A
Mobile No : 9592999111
Email :
Website :

Duration-120 hours

We are from Oxl School of Multimedia and animation in Chandigarh and in Punjab. We are the best Training Institute and have well experienced Professional and Experts Trainers. We Provide Acting Course Training in Chandigarh and in major Cities of Punjab in very less Price of Market Place.

The two months acting course includes an overall humanistic development to ignite the inner confidence by explaining the need of community services. This will be executed by using the medium of acting and artistic skills. Need to explore oneself is required which can be developed by developing imagination and understanding the perspective of theatre and acting in transforming oneself into any character and thereby forming a link in the chain completing a sequence of events of a story or a plot. This will include polishing the acting skills, establishing the coordination of mind, body and soul.

The basic idea behind this course will to introduce the two modes of acting and the underlying techniques that of the acting on stage and acting in front of camera. There by achieving
1. Spontaneity, confidence, concentration, self esteem
2. Identification of technical issues ( lighting, stage setup, makeup, costume, set design, tools and implements required)

Course Layout
Acting Theories Duration-30 hours
Bhart muni
Konstantin Stanislavski
Bertolt Brecht
Antoine Marie joseph Artaud
Jerzy Grotowski

Film Acting Duration-20 hours
Camera facing
Camera shoot

Film Appreciation Duration-16 hours
Hindi films
Punjabi films
English films
Interviews of prominent film personalities
Face to face with eminent actors/directors /film makers/script writers

Stage Acting Duration-60 hours
Body/voice /mind

Preparing the actor
Play/poetry/story as the roots of expression
Theatre Games
Importance of communication skills.
Team work & association skills
Presence of mind
Creativity exercise
Memory exercise
Work on presentation
Work on voice modulation and speech
The scenes
Breathing and relaxation
Body movements
Open house session