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Beard Hair Transplant in Ludhiana
Nursing Homes & Hospitals / Hair Transplant centres
Name : Dr. C.S.Kalra
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : Baba Than Singh Chowk, Shigar Cinema Road, Ludhiana
Mobile No : +91 98148-98000, 8437482000
Telephone No : +91 0161 2706506
Email :
Website :

Bless Hair Transplant Centre Ludhiana, Punjab, India: Beard and moustaches reconstruction is useful in cases where men usually facing inability to grow facial hair due to any causes including genetics, surgery, accident, trauma and alopecia. The lack of beard and moustache hair led men to weaken their self esteem to look more masculine and gorgeous. The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is used to transplant hair from donor parts such as on back parts of head. These transplanted hair then grow naturally and add beauty to the face and need to be trimmed or shaved after some particular days. For a perfect and natural appearance the surgeons have to transplant hair grafts in a right direction or angles of protrusion so that upcoming hair grow in a natural direction. Grow natural hair again, reveres your life from elder to younger and restore your confidence. Medical advancement with the application of science and technology, hair loss is no anymore a never repairing curse. Days have gone when once hair were lost then rest of life were spend in experimenting with hair restoration. This has been established so far that hair transplantation is only permanent solution for growing natural hair again on bald area of the head or where ever hair is required and reflects great result after the hair growth.

Dr CS Kalra
+91 98148-98000, 8437482000
+91 0161 2706506
Address:Baba Than Singh Chowk, Shigar Cinema Road, Ludhiana