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Moustache Transplant in Ludhiana
Nursing Homes & Hospitals / Hair Transplant centres
Name : Dr. C.S.Kalra
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : Baba Than Singh Chowk, Shigar Cinema Road, Ludhiana
Mobile No : +91 98148-98000, 8437482000
Telephone No : +91 0161 2706506
Email :
Website :

Moustache Transplant also done in Bless Hair Transplant Centre in Ludhiana (Punjab) India. Moustache transplant is done by the FUE technique of hair transplantation. In this technique the hair with roots are extracted from donor area (back of head) maintaining the evenness of the hair at back of head, so that the donor part remains undetectable about the extraction of hair for mustache. The extracted hair then transplanted on mustache with roots using .7 mm punches. which leaves no scar at mustache and donor area. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia which makes the procedure completely painless. Little swelling appears at the transplanted area for 2-3 day maximum. The transplanted hair then falls leaving the roots inside the skin and after 1 month new natural hair starts growing from the roots at the mustache.

Dr CS Kalra
+91 98148-98000, 8437482000
+91 0161 2706506
Address:Baba Than Singh Chowk, Shigar Cinema Road, Ludhiana