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Meditation Classes in Ludhiana, Punjab
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Name : Sahaja Yoga
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : Sahaj Yoga Kendra, 229A Sarabha Nagar, Pakhowal road, Ludhiana
Mobile No : 9814116555
Email :
Website :

Sahaja Yoga: Man in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. He finds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn't know his Self. A human being seeks joy in money or possessions, in power or human limited love, and ultimately in religion that is also outside. The problem is how to turn one s attention inward.

The inner being, which is our awareness, is an energy. I call it the energy of Divine Love. All evolution and the manifestation of material energy is guided by the supreme energy of Divine Love. We do not know how powerful and thoughtful this unknown energy is. The silent working of awareness is so automatic, minute, dynamic, and precious that we take it for granted. After Self-realization, this energy appears to us as silent throbbing vibrations flowing through our being. But we have been unable to achieve Self-realization because we cannot fix our attention on something that lacks form (abstract Being). Instead, our attention wanders outside on forms.

Now there is a method to tap the Divine power - SAHAJA YOGA

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Self Realisation

Self Realization is the awakening of the Kundalini through the central channel, piercing through the six chakras above the sacrum bone and emerging at the top of the head (fontanel bone area) as a gentle fountain of coolness. The word fontanelle itself means little fountain which shows again the ancient knowledge about this phenomenon of Self Realization.

Self Realization has always been the ultimate goal of all religions and spiritual traditions of the world, but was extremely difficult to attain in the past. It has now become a mass phenomenon achieved effortlessly through Sahaja Yoga, which is Shri Matajis invaluable gift to humanity.

Sahaja Yoga :


Subtle System

Scientific Explanation

Self Realization

In Shri Matajis own words, Self Realization is the first encounter with Reality. We have the Mother within ourselves, in our hearts, and if She is awakened, She is going to look after us. She is going to give all the protection that is needed. And there is nothing to be frightened of anything."

Kundalini cures you, she improves you, she bestows all the blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries of the grosser level, says Shri Mataji.

The manifestation of the Kundalini energy is called vibrations , which is an approximate translation of the Sanskrit term Chaitanya. In Shri Matajis words, Chaitanya (vibrations) is the integrated force of your physiological, mental, emotional and religious Selves.

Gurmeet Singh Banga
MoB: 9814116555