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Name : Manoj
Country : India
State : Delhi
City : Delhi
Address : KARAWAL Nagar,Delhi-110094
Mobile No : 7531915261
Telephone No : 7531915261
Website :

Product Price: 1000
Dear Friends,

Invest Rs. 700/- only and earn 2 type incomes.

1st small income plan Rs. 47,000/- month
2nd super income plan Rs. 2, 41,000/- month,

Company details:-
Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Estd. June 2004, an ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company
We have over 24 branches, 1100 distribution centers and over four lakh distributors across India.
Visite at :-

How is it Possible?

If you follow our company's Instruction, It is perfectly possible,

needs: availabilities:
1) Hard work, 1) Good products line
2) good contact, 2) Good incentive plan
3) Leadership 3) Proper company guide
4) Motivating habit 4) High quality & normal price
5) Controlling 5) Proper payments
6) Be regular (systematic) 6) Regular meetings
7) Make regular (habituating) 7) The best life care products.

Type of income:-
• Retail profit 10 - 20%
• Accumulative performance bonus 5 - 20%
• Director bonus 14%
• Leadership overriding bonus 15%
• Car fund 5%
• House fund 3%
• Travel fund 3%

1. Small Income Plan:-
Very Very Simple work to earn minimum 47000/month within one year in only Part time.You have to follow Three steps only.
First Step :
Registering you as a Distributor of in our company (Rs.100 as Life Time Membership Fees, at the time of registering you have to purchase of products for Rs 600 now only registration process completed.)
Second Step :
You have to do a weekly business of Rs.260 or monthly business Rs1040.Each one should be followed every week or month regularly.
Third Step:
Under your guidance you have to introduce 6 members as a distributor of in our Company. You should advice or explain for regular business and Distributor introduction under them as like you.
These are the important steps in this business. If you have fulfilled these three steps, you can earn Rs.47000/month. Another thing is if you fulfill another two steps, you can earn Rs.241000/month. If we completed first three steps, another two steps goes on automatically.

2. Super Income Plan:-

1) You should Invest Rs.100 as a Registration fees (Life Time) and purchase of Rs 600 at the time of registration.

2) You have to purchase of Rs 1100 regularly for each month.

3) You should introduce as 6 persons under you, as like your registration.

4) You have to advise or explain to make a regular purchase.

5) You have watched this process goes up to 1555 members in your Team.

You are the First Person of Your Team---------------------------------------- 1

You have to introduce 6 working persons (First step of Team Forming) 1 x 6 = 6

First step’s each person to introduce 6 persons (Second Step) 6 x 6 = ----- 36

Second step’s each Person to introduce 6 Persons (Third step) 36 x 6 = -- 216

Third step’s each Person to introduce 6 Persons (Fourth Step) 216 x 6= --1296
Total Team Members -----------------1555
Supposing everyone has personal purchase for 500 BV (1BV=Rs1.66)in a single month:
Approx. Director Bonus -----------------------------Rs. 33000
Leadership Overriding Bonus ----------------Rs.1,10000
Car Fund ---------------------------- Rs. 60000
House Fund ------------------------- Rs. 28000
Travel Fund ------------------------- Rs. 10000
------------------------------------------Total Rs. 2,41000/-

The qualified up line will be earning approximately Rs.2.41 Lacs/month. This income is derived from 1555 our Team members make regular purchase of Rs 1000 of any our company products. As per our company’s income plan it is true many persons earned this formula income of each month, really it is hard work but if you have achieved one time, mostly it will goes regular of every month.This process will take 6 month to 1 year.
If complete the Third step only,it will gives nearly 1 Lac for each month.

Slow and steady win race easily. Part time interest is enough to achieve this level easily.

Manoj Kumar
Contact 7531915261 <-----------------USE Whatsapp