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Computer Courses in Ludhiana
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Name : Academy of IT & Management Learning
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : S.C.F.. 126, Ist Floor, Urban Estate, Phase-I, Jamalpur Market, Ludhiana -141010
Mobile No : 9814504316
Telephone No : 161 4604316
Email :
Website :

Academy of IT & Management Learning is a unique institute offering computer courses from Class IV to Post Graduate.
Course Code Course Name Eligibility Duration
PG-01 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application & Programming Graduate in any Discipline 1 year
PG-02 Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Graduate in any Discipline 1 year
MS-01 Master in Computer Software Technology 12th in any Discipline 1 year
MS-02 Master Diploma in Software Engineering Graduate in any Discipline 1 year
MS-03 Master Diploma in Information Technology 12th in any Discipline 1 year
MS-04 Master Diploma in Computer Ethical Hacker & Server 12th in any Discipline 1 year
ADC-01 Advance Diploma inComputer Application& armming 12th in any Discipline 1 year
ADC-02 Advance Diploma in Software Engineering Graduate in any Discipline 1 year
ADC-03 Advance CAD for 2D+3D Visualisation & Animation Graduate in any Discipline 1 year
DP-01 Diploma in Computer Application 10th 1 year
DP-02 Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance & Networking 10th 1 year
DP-03 Diploma in Graphics and Web Designing 10th 1 year
DP-04 Diploma in Information Technology 10th 1 year
DP-05 Diploma in Multimedia 10th 1 year
DP-06 Diploma in Digital Art 10th 6 months
DP-07 Diploma in Internet Application & E-Commerce 10th 1 year
DP-08 Diploma in RDBMS(VB/SQL/ORACLE/D2K) 10th 10 months
DP-09 Diploma in Computer Financial Accounting 10th 1 year
DP-10 Diploma in Office Automation & Accounting 10th 1 year
ACR-01 Advance Certificate in Automation 10th 4 months
CR-01 Certificate in Computer Concept 8th 4 months
CR-02 Certificate in Desktop Publishing(DTP) 10th 3months
CR-03 Certificate in VB.Net 10th 4months
CR-04 Certificate in VB-Oracle or VB-SQL 10th 6months
CR-05 Certificate in Mobille Repairing & Maintenance 10th 6months
CR-06 Certificate Course in Java Programming 10th 3 months
CR-07 Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting 10th 4months
CR-08 Certificate in Web Multimedia 10th 3months
CR-09 Certificate in Office Automation 8th 4months
CR-10 Certificate Course in Computer Aided Design 10th 2months
CR-11 Certificate Course in Programming Foundation (C&C++) 10th 2months
CR-12 Certificate in E-Commerce/Mobile Commerce 10th 4months
CR-13 Certificate in Web Designing 10th 6months
CR-14 Certificate Course in Compufunda for Kids 4th 2months
CR-15 Certificate in Dot Net Framework &C++ 10th 6months
CR-16 Certificate in ASP.NET 10th 4months
CR-17 Certificate in Data Entry Operator 8th 4months
CR-18 Certificate in Data Structures 10th 2months
CR-19 Certificate in Computer Basic 8th 2months
CR-20 Certificate in Visual Basic 10th 2months
CR-21 Certificate in PHP 10th 2months
CR-22 Certificate in SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) 10th 2months
CR-23 Certificate in AutoCAD 10th 2months
AL-01 ALMA Certified SoftwareEngineer(ACSE) 10th 4months
OC-01 Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer 10th 10months
OC-02 Structure Analysis & Design(STAAD PRO) 10th 3months
DP-11 Diploma in Computer Science(DCS) 10th 6months
CR-24 Certificate in C#.Net Programming(CCP) 12th 3months
CR-25 Certificate in Core Java Programming(CCJP) 12th 3months
CR-26 Certificate in Ajax(CA) 12th 3months
CR-27 Certificate in Core Android(CCA) 12th 3months
CR-28 Certificate in Data Communication & Networking(CDC & N) 12th 3months
CR-29 Certificate in IPhone(CiP) 12th 3months
CR-30 Certificate in J2ME(CJ2ME) 12th 3months
CR-31 Certificate in Web Designer(CWD) 12th 3months
CR-32 Certificate in Flash(CF) 12th 3months
CR-33 Certificate in J2EE(CJ2EE) 12th 3months
CR-34 Certificate in C Language(CCL) 10th 3months
CR-35 Certificate in Data Base Management System(CDBMS) 12th 3months