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Treatment of Ovarian Cyst in Ludhiana
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Name : Dr. Rama Sofat Hospital
Country : India
State : Punjab
City : Ludhiana
Address : College Road, Opp. Kiran Book Shop, Civil Lines Ludhiana
Mobile No : +91-78378-00300, 98147-04712
Email :
Website :

Dr Rama Sofat Hospital and Dr. Ruchika's Test Tube Baby Centre, Ludhiana: Laparoscopy for removal of ovarian cysts / endometriomas.
Ovarian cysts are small fluid filled sacs that develop in woman's ovaries. These cysts can be simple as most will disappear & require observation. Other type is benign where one needs close monitoring and sometimes surgery is required due to its large size.

Other type is cancerous cyst which requires surgery. Usual symptoms include fullnes in abdomen, painful periods, irregular periods, pain with fever / vomiting. Laparoscopic surgery can be done for most of these ovarian cysts except in advanced cancer cysts. Usually these cysts can be removed laparoscopically provided the surgeon meticulously removes / ablates the cysts lining to prevent any recurrences later.

Dr. Amit Sofat, Dr.Rama Sofat, Dr. Ruchika Sofat

Dr. (Mrs.) Rama Sofat
MBBS.(Gold Medalist), MD (P.G.I., Chd.)
Former Professor & Head (Ob/ Gynae)
DMC, Ludhiana

Chief Gynaecologist & Obstetrician,
Gynae Endocrinologist
Infertility Specialist

Dr. (Mrs.) Ruchika Sofat
MBBS, (Gold Medalist), MS
Certified Infertility Specialist .
Diploma Ultrasound.

Gynaecologist & Obstetrician.
Infertility and IVF Specialist.

Dr. Amit Sofat
MBBS, (Medalist), MD (P.G.I. Chd.)
Cert Endoscopy (AIIMS)
ert. Sexual Medicine
Cert. Fetal Medicine

Gynaecologist & Obstetrician,
Gynae Endoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeon,
Infertility Specialist
Ultrasonologist, Sexologist.