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Leather Finishing Products Australia
Importers of Leather Finishing Products

Units 8/42 & 15/28 BURNSIDE RD, ORMEAU Queensland 4208 Australia


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Leather Finishing Products Australia is your one-stop shop for all products needed like Leather Care, Leather Colouring, Leather Repair, Leather Cleaning etc. We import in bulk and can therefore cater to the needs of both small and larger businesses. We stock a wide range of products and pride ourselves in providing prompt delivery to customers across Australia. Our aim is to offer high quality products at a fair price to help our customers run their businesses successfully. We also supply a comprehensive range of colouring and repair products for Vinyl and Fabric applications. All backed up by a strong product training program and technical consultancy service. We are the Australian Agent and Distributor for STAHL leather finishing products. STAHL is internationally renowned for manufacturing high quality colorants, dyes, pigments, resins, fillers, lacquers and related finishing products for the leather industry. Apart from being one of the largest importers of these products in the Australia-Pacific Region, we also manufacture our own complementary product lines, including:
The exclusive SABA range of leather cleaner, conditioner, balm and tinting cream products.
Our new COBBLESTONE range of leather dyes and topcoats especially designed for the Arts & Crafts industry. Developed in response to industry demands for a consistent and quality product, they are manufactured from STAHL products. Easy to apply and giving lovely results, our dyes and topcoats are highly recommended.
Our latest development is a Ready-To-Use Leather Colouring and Repair System. The RTU System is premixed and water-based and very easy to use on both leather and vinyl surfaces. Apart from giving amazing results, it has great advantages, saving time and cost by removing most mixing steps required for repair and recolour work. And through eliminating the need for solvents we have taken the industry to a new level of environmental safety. Check out our BROCHURE for more details.