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Leffler & Son Pty Ltd
Importers of Leather Goods

171 Kensington Road West Melbourne Vic 3003, Australia


Contact Name : Leffler & Son Pty Ltd
Telephone No : +61 3 9090 4500
Fax No : +61 3 9090 4599
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Leffler & Son Pty Ltd has been supplying leather and associated products to many industries for over 80 years, our range of products covers more than 9500 different lines.
Our company was started in 1932 by Henry Wilby Leffler (Dec. 1957) as a supplier of leather, mainly to the shoe industry, located in Albert park, Victoria. In the very same year his son Richard (Dick) Leffler (Dec. 1998) was born. Dick joined the business full time in 1953 and immediately commenced developing new markets for Saddlery, Craft & Upholstery Leather. Dick would see many new products on his many travels overseas and purchase large quantities he believed the Australian market needed. In many cases he would send the new lines out to the customers and say “just pay me when you have sold them”. In this way Dick not only grew the market but also financed many businesses to grow with it. Over 80 years after its inception, the Leffler family still own the Company. The family and its staff continue to drive the business into the new millennium with modern technology and a desire to satisfy our customer needs by searching the world for new and interesting products.

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PO Box 1366
Kensington Road

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T. +61 3 9090 4500
F. +61 3 9090 4599

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